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Glass Filter Sand
For clean pools
And more enjoyable swimming experience
balik çiftliği filtresi
Fishing Farms
Healthy and sustainable water treatment for sea ​​creatures
The world exists for all of us
Clean is a rule
Backwash is a huge problem for your facility?
Prefer GFS.
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Usage Areas

Where you can use glass filter sand?


Pool Cleaning

Does your pool not seem as clear and clean as before? If this question is on your mind, you may need to be worried about your health.


Fish Farm Cleaning

When tons of fish clump together, they create a lot of waste that can contaminate ponds. Cleanliness is essential to prevent diseases from multiplying.


Mains Water Treatment

We are aware of the difficulty of backwashing in huge treatment plants. We are here to be a solution for you.

We Care You
We care about leaving a better world to future generations and we act together with our entire supply chain.

We regularly supply waste glass. After that as Akcihan, micronize and recycle them. This reduces production from raw materials and prevents pollution.

Recycling not only protects the nature, but also strengthens the economy. Recycling of a used glass reduces the consumption of natural resources and increases the fertility of the soil. Every step we take together will come back to us as health and good life.
Experience of Years

Since our establishment in 2011, we offer you the best offers.

Quality Products

You must experience the quality of long life circle of Glass Filter Sand.

Great Performance

It makes perfect filtration with its rough and angular structure.

1.Why Should Choose GFS?
2.Who is Us?
3.Populer Questions
We know how to achieve high performance.
Why Choose Us?

We've had a lot of time to gather feedback in this industry.

Long Life Cycle

GFS is long lasting. Even when changing the filter, the media may not need to be changed.

Quality Guarantee

We trust our quality. Would you like to see the results of our filtration test?

Total Clean Promise

GFS Pool Filter Media provides high clarity.

More than others?

GFS does not cause petrification and clumping.

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GFS is Recycling. It can also be recycled again. We love nature.

About Us
Who is Akcihan?
We are,

Akcihan, we have been operating in the glass industry since 2011, following the world closely, and making great efforts to produce better and develop new products in rapidly changing and developing markets. We micronize the waste glasses we receive from recycling facilities and turn them into glass filter media. We offer the pool filter media we produce to our valued customers.

Our Aim is,
    GFS Glass Pool Filter Media is designed to replace commercially available quartz & silica and zeolite. Glass filter media recycled using clean glass was micronized in different sizes. GFS glass sand also offers energy and water savings. In addition to its reusability feature, it distinguishes itself from its competitors by contributing to the future of a green and clean world with its environmentalist nature. Since glass filter media can be recycled continuously, it contributes to the ecological balance.
Production Capacity
2.000 Ton annual production capacity

Our customers who prefer to use glass in the pools they produce
Backwash Water Saving
Glass Filter Sand saves up to 50% of water in backwashing due to its chemical structure.
Happy Consumer
Customers who say their pool is clearer

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    Amazing Service!

    I'm a single mother with no knowledge of how to keep my swimming pool clean and safe for my children. Thanks to your company — I don't have to worry about that. They take care of everything...

    — Ian A. Johnson, Small Business Owner
    Nice job. I'm happy!

    Friendly, reliable and thorough weekly service. A big change from my previous pool cleaning company. The service was performed as expected in a courteous, professional manner.

    — Julie Morgan, Hospital Nurse
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